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Web sites I've found useful
Here are some of my favorite sites:

Useful Links
  • Dundee Internet
    Awesome local ISP that has world-class services!
  • Digital Web Leprechauns
    Low cost, high quality web hosting. Loads of cool tools for webmasters.
  • Mailing List Services
    Founded in 1996, Dundee Internet Services, Inc ( provides leading edge email marketing software solutions to several hundred customers worldwide. They offer email list hosting using the Lyris ListManager software–a set of powerful tools for opt-in email marketing, list management, database segmentation, and deliverability assurance. Dundee Internet Services, Inc offers both hosted and software versions for publishing email campaigns, newsletters, and discussion groups. Dundee Internet Services was the first ISP on the planet to purchase the Lyris ListManager application–we’ve been commercially hosting Lyris ListManager lists longer than anyone else. Headquartered in Dundee Michigan, Dundee Internet Services, Inc is a privately owned corporation providing technology solutions to marketers at mid-size businesses.
  • Steel Head Depot
    A fishing site maintained by non fisherwomen.
  • Woodstock Chronicles
    The ups and down of running a business from one CEO's prespective.

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